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WhatCrypt - WhatsApp Database Crypt Tool

WhatCrypt is a decryption and recryption tool for backed up WhatsApp databases.

Usage Examples:
  1. Decrypt .crypt, .crypt5, .crypt6 or .crypt7 database files and turn them into SQLite files.
  2. Decrypt or Recrypt .crypt5, .crypt6 or .crypt7 database files that have not been linked to any account.
  3. Recrypt .crypt5, .crypt6 or .crypt7 database files so they can be used on another device / account.
  4. Recrypt .crypt5, .crypt6 or .crypt7 database files to .crypt so they can be used on older WhatsApp versions.
  5. Recrypt .crypt, .crypt5 or .crypt6 database files to .crypt7 so they can be used on newer WhatsApp versions.
All decrypted and recrypted files will be saved in the same directory as the original encrypted
file. Decrypted files will end in .db. Recrypted files will end in re.crypt, re.crypt5, re.crypt6 or re.crypt7. The
original encrypted files will not be moved or deleted. If you get any Decryption Failed messages
then it means that either the encrypted database is corrupt or you have supplied the incorrect
account name or key file. Root access will be required to obtain your crypt key (crypt 6 /7) or Android 4.0+.

Download Here:

Version History
Version 1.0 - Initial release.
Version 1.1 - Added disable minions (sounds) option.
Version 1.2 - Added support for empty or null accounts with crypt5.
Version 1.3 - Added support for crypt6.
Version 1.4 - Added root key copier.
Version 1.5 - Added support for crypt7.
Version 1.6 - Removed minions (sounds).
Version 1.7 - Added decrypt / recrypt progress bar.


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