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Crypt7 decryption

Added some additional info about the new Android archive crypt7 (msgstore.db.crypt7) encryption. Shortly, you have three ways to get down to this:
  1. import your iPhone's messages only by NOT ticking "Merge Android archive" (99% of the cases when you will be using Whatsappmigrator, as you just bought a brand new Android device)
  2. OR just email your pre-existing conversations directly from Whatsapp in order to store them for future reference (from Whatsapp:Settings -> Chat settings -> Email conversation)
  3. OR root your Android device then use WhatsApp Tri-Crypt (free on Play Store) to decrypt the msgstore.db.crypt7. Rooting is a very technical procedure whose aim is to gain full administrative access to your device. If you want more info you can take a look here or here (please note: those links are not supported by Whatsappmigrator in any way, they're provided for your reference only).
TECHNICAL DETAILS: This is due to Whatsapp recently changing its encryption from .crypt to .crypt5 to .crypt6 to .crypt7 (in just 2 months!!). Until .crypt5 it was possibile to decrypt without much hassle, but with .crypt6 and .crypt7 they had the idea of periodically changing the decryption key plus storing it in a private area of your phone, therefore not accessible without root access.
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