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StealthWalker - VPN tools

StealthWalker is a software-based VPN tool. It provides easy connectivity for the user and has a very straightforward mechanism to establish a VPN connection. StealthWalker creates an encrypted tunnel between your PC and the server, which means not only your browsing is secure, but also all communication going through the Internet, such as messengers, Skype, FTP, Email, etc. are all encrypted.

These features can be very useful in situations like:

  • Browsing Internet securely using public Access Points and WiFi hotspots.
  • Hiding your real identity online while using Forums, Blogs and Social networks.
  • Encrypting (AES-256) and hiding your Internet traffic from ISP or local network attackers.
What makes StealthWalker better if not unique:
  • Multiple layers of encryption including DNS encryption and protection against DNS leaks (What is a DNS leak?).
  • Fast VPN servers and bandwidth misuse monitor to avoid bottlenecks and overload issues.
  • Custom Tor (TOR Network) enabled built-in browser to offer multiple encryption layers, improved privacy and anonymity.
  • All-in-one built-in privacy solution offered by third-party open source tools such as Truecrypt, Keepass, Eraser, Processexplorer, Firefox, Dnscrypt, Tor, Autoruns, Desktops and Tcpview.
  • Custom control panel for Enterprise clients with advanced features such as user management and VPN server management.
  • Reliable and affordable high speed VPN services with variety of subscription plans.
  • Enhanced user’s guide (click here to view).
  • Enhanced user management system (click here to view).

FREE Account:

You can use StealthWalker for free with no limitations. However premium paid users will have faster servers with less users sharing the bandwidth. Due to abuse of our services we have limited free trial period to 3 day fully enjoy before you buy.

Premium Account:

After the successful free user registration through StealthWalker client you can place your desired plan order from the buy now button below. Once your order is approved your account will be instantly moved from free accounts group to the premium group.

Enterprise Edition:

We are glad to offer Enterprise Edition for corporates this includes dedicated VPN servers and additional features on the Web based Control Panel for easy management. Minimum order is 100 accounts package each account will cost you $2.8 only. Please Contact Us for more details.

Refund Policy:

Orders are eligible for a full refund only if a license/order key is not used within 30 days after the purchase date. We accept digital currency based on Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Feathercoins please Contact Us for more information.

Product Name: Stealth Walker
Usage: Commercial
Version: 2.5.3
Size: 71.3 MB
Updated on: 25.06.2014
Platform: Microsoft Windows


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