domingo, julho 06, 2014

SSL Eye ( prism Protection )

SSL Eye is a unique tool that detects SSL man in the middle spying, by comparing SSL fingerprints of single or multiple sites across many remote nodes that are owned and managed by EEDS located in different countries such as Singapore, USA, and Netherlands. In order to compare the results with your own fingerprint that comes through your local ISP. Additionally the tool will tell you if the site is using Extended Validation (EV) certificates or perfect forward secrecy as the key exchange mechanism such as DHE_RSA or ECDHE_RSA which is used by google. We have also implemented global shortcut keys on the application so that you can copy a site from the browser address bar and call it for instant scan to check if you are a victim of Man in The Middle Attack (MITM). 

Where the attacker listens to your communication channel in a public key exchange re-sends the keys on your behalf, substituting his own fake keys for the requested one, so that the two original parties (you and your bank) will still appear to be communicating with each other. (view screenshots 123). 

SSL Eye offers:

  • Retrieve fingerprint of any given ssl url from single or multiple sites with SNI support across EEDS nodes located in Netherlans, USA and Singapore.
  • Check if the site is using Extended Validation (EV) certificates.
  • Check if the site is implementing perfect forward secrecy on key exchange.
  • Export results into HTML report.
  • Sound alerts for invalid certificates.
  • Scan with global keys from clipboard without user interaction.

Product Name: SSL Eye
Usage: Freeware
Version: 1.5
Size: 5.42 MB
Updated on: 3.06.2014
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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