domingo, julho 06, 2014

RTIR -A premiere Open Source incident handling system.

RTIR is the premiere Open Source incident handling system. We worked with over a dozen CERT and CSIRT teams to build a world-class incident handling system. RTIR helps you handle the ever-increasing volume incident reports. RTIR lets you tie multiple incident reports to specific incidents. RTIR makes it easy to launch investigations to work with law enforcement, network providers and other partners to get to the bottom of each incident and to track it through to a successful resolution.

It's easy to integrate RTIR into your existing systems and workflow. With open source code, a rich API and a vibrant community, RTIR can be tied into many external systems with only a few lines of configuration or a few minutes of programming. If you're using a publicly available product as part of your incident handling workflow, someone has probably already integrated it with RTIR

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