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Webrsnapshot - backup


Webrsnapshot is a web interface for rsnapshot programmed in Perl (Mojolicious), JS, CSS and HTML of course.

The Idea
I had the idea to implement some kind of GUI for rsnapshot since I'm using it. Even I am an experienced Linux Administrator I find in some cases such GUI is much more useful as editing the text file over the console. The Idea to implement some more features like "restore" to the same or custom path got me started working on this project.
Until now I used the Windows backup, Mac's Time Machine and BackupPC. But none of them has proved himself like rsnapshot with robustness and simplicity.  I mean, I had to live with such idiotic problems like impossibility to restore backup, because the OS was updated and the connection encoding was changed or impossibility to restore backup, while the machine was reinstalled and some id's had changed. With BackupPC I (still) have the problem, that the files are stored in some kind of binary form and are not direct over the file system accessible or you have to stop the current running backup until you can restore some file. Well, I don't have so much time to waste for such an idiotic things. 
Since I'm using rsnapshot already for years, I decided to develop some kind of web interface. For a long time I was wondering whatprogramming language to use and it seems that Perl was the only reasonable, because rsnapshot is Perl based, so Perl have to be installed on the backup server anyway. Webrsnapshot is based on Mojolicious (Perl) web framework. On the other side this eliminates the need of web-server, because Mojolicious already have HTTP and WebSocket client/server implementation with IPv6, TLS and so on.


Source :The Webrsnapshot source can be found on my github:

Download:git clone  <your-target-dir>

Demo : You can find a demo version here. While saving the configuration you can experience some error messages, but that is ok. This is read-only demo and it doesn't save the changes.

User/Pass are demo/demo.

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