terça-feira, junho 24, 2014

Want to know the WIFI password for the Brasil World Cup security center?

World Cup WiFi Password

By William Knowles
Senior Editor
InfoSec News
June 24, 2014
The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Rishon Lezion based security company RISCO Group is providing security management at the soccer stadium in Cuiaba, Brazil.
The state-of-the-art 41,000-seat Arena Pantanal, which cost $537 million to build, is one of the 12 host venues for the World Cup.
The project includes coordinating hundreds of Internet- protocol security cameras deployed in the stadium and its surroundings, lighting systems, gates and the PA system through a command and control center.
Three games have so far been played there in the tournament, all without incident.
…except for posting the WiFi code in a Twitter photo.

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