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Ubnhd2 PenTesting OS

Ubnhd2 is a security and pentest focused ubuntu/debian system that runs natively on the HTC HD2 phone. To boot this you need the Magldr on your phone and the first FAT partition should be named "SD". The Ubnhd2 is in beta version.

The Ubnhd2 is in beta .  For now, these options work:
- Booting via Magldr
- Landscape Display orientation
- usb host
- Haret booting
- Touchscreen
- Wifi with encryption
- 3G network connection, sim-pin needs to be disabled !
- Audio/audio player
- Audio Outputs (Loudspeaker, Phonespeaker or Headphones)
- The Hardware Controls (Display Brightness, LEDs etc)
- x11VNC Server(not the fastest one due to workarounds, but still usable)
- PwnPi & Backtrack Tools(not all but most atm)
- dpms
- The common ubuntu stuff

What doesnt work:
- Monitor Mode for bc5329
- Phone Feature(no calls no sms/mms sPhone stills needs to be loaded or 3g network wouldnt work.)
- Bluetooth(kernel side looking ok, but the rest is incomplete)
- Battery Stats (no percentage, no recharging)
- Video Player (Without Audio it looks delicious with Xine, even in
fullscreen, but due to the Audio problem mentioned before it has desynchronized and laggy sound)
- Hardware keys, (Kernel side ok but the xorg.conf and xinput settings are not correct)
- Second Mouse Button

The Project needs:
- Kernel Developers (urgent)
- People who are familiar with implementing the msm/qsd x.org driver
- People who are able to crosscompile for arm's
- Developers that have good tools or scripts to embed
- Pentesters who want to contribute some toolchains and methods
- Designers / Webdesigners
- Translators
- People who are able to fix s.th.

If you want to enter the project, you can contact the developer via XDA-developers forum.

How to install Ubnhd2?:
Rename the first FAT Partition of the SD card to "SD" or many things wont work !  (this should be done externally and not in the phone because ubuntu sets the mount points on boot time !)
You need the Magldr on your HD2 Extract all files from the downloaded archive "linux.zip" to the directory "linux" on your sd card Set the right "Android from SD" folder in Magldr (SD/linux), select "Boot AD from SD" The package "connman" should be deinstalled because its consuming too much cpu and doesn't work well together with wicd, the wifi autoconnect after boot was also affected by this.
Password for both accounts is still "ubuntu"
Be careful what you install, it has Debian and Ubuntu repos. In some cases the "Force Version" Option helps
To get the Wifi working you need the drivers from here:

- extract the two files (fw_bcm4329.bin & bcm4329.ko)
- move them to the root folder of your SD-Card
- boot up ubnhd2
- go to gnome-menu -> Stuff -> System -> bcd-res-upd
- take option 7 (Import ... from SD)
- takes a second
- Press the wifi-signal in the dock
- answer the dialog with ok
- after the vibration signal from the wifi script the networks can be
configured by clicking the icon in the menubar (wicd app)

Download beta: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ubnhd2/

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