sábado, janeiro 12, 2013

Android botnet over SMS

Android Botnet is Latest Botnet: Android botnet over SMS 
After the numerous botnets over "everything" (botnet over IRC, botnet over skype, botnet over twitter, over facebook... ) , directly from one of the most fascinating hacker (Georgia Weidman) an android botnet over SMS. This is a great example of Botnet spread and controlled by invisible SMS.

Download the code from here.
Compile with arm-gcc with the -static flag set
Copy to anywhere on the underlying OS that is writable (/data/ is good).
Rename /dev/smd0/ to /dev/smd0real/
Start the bot application
Kill the radio application (ps | grep rild)
The radio will automatically respawn and now the bot proxy will be working

Take a look of what it can do.

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