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Crawljax Web Applications

“Crawljax helps you crawl Ajax-based web applications. Crawljax is an open source Java tool for automatically crawling and testing modern (Ajax) web applications. It can crawl any Ajax-based web application by firing events and filling in form data. It creates a state-flow graph of the dynamic DOM states and the transitions between them. It is a plugin-driven architecture.”

Changes made to Crawljax 2.0:

  • Fixed issue 55: State can be represented by multiple StateVertix objects
  • Fixed issue 57: XPathHelper.formatXPath(String xpath) doesn’t handle axes.
  • Added Mobilecrawl. Make crawling web apps on Android and iPhone possible.
  • Use temp files for unit tests
  • Updated JUnit asserts to new version
  • Removed try catch blocks that add nothing to functionality
  • Removed duplicate code by extracting into methods
  • Removed duplicate code by using JUnit functionality
  • Moved test/site into test/resources/site because it’s a test resource.
  • Removed empty test
  • Fixed issue 61: tests don’t need external resources anymore. Tests can now delcare a classrule that starts an embedded Jetty server to server the pages locally so we are not dependend on external sites anymore.
  • Enhancement: Tests should not depend on external resources. Some of the test now depend on external websites like It’s makes the test suite dependent and might cause different test results while the code doesn’t change.
  • Fixed tests time out or hang on Mac OS-X using Firefox
  • Fixed XPathHelper.formatXPath(String xpath) doesn’t handle axes.
  • State can be represented by multiple StateVertix objects

Download Crawljax: Crawljax 2.1 - Binary –

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