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Enjoy Cambada! (: 


It's that time of year again! ToorCon 14 is coming so get your code finished and submit a talk this time around. We're letting you decide if you want to be a part of our 50-minute talks on Saturday, 20-minute talks on Sunday, and 75-minute talks for our Deep Knowledge Seminars on Friday depending on how much time you need to present your new ideas and techniques. We evaluate our submissions in the order that they're received so submit your talk before time runs out!


Please send data to cfp (at) toorcon (dot) org:

0. Name
1. Email Address
2. Mobile Phone Number
3. Brief Bio
4. Title of the Talk
5. Brief Abstract
6. Any supporting materials, links, outlines, etc
7. What talk format are you submitting for:
   a. 20-minute talk (Sunday)
   b. 50-minute talk (Saturday)
   c. 75-minute seminar (Friday)


Please no vendor pitches or talks on old subjects. We try to keep ToorCon highly technical so please only submit talks on original research that isn't more than 12 months old. Talks that are submitted for a 50-minute or 75-minute slot may be asked to be reduced to 20-minutes if space on the lineup is limited. You must notify ToorCon if you are in any way unable to make it to your talk after being accepted.


- The honor and prestige of knowing you've made your contribution to hacker society
- A free ticket for yourself and a friend
- Invitations to all of the parties and special events
- Free admission to the Friday seminars (as space is available)
- Compensation is provided to 2-day workshop trainers, please email for details


ToorCon offers many sponsorship opportunities and provides exposure to many of the top minds and decision makers in the information security industry. Sponsorship ranges from a banner and/or booth to sponsoring lunches, receptions, and parties. 100% of the sponsorship goes directly to the attendees. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact geo (at) toorcon (dot) org.


ToorCon 14 San Diego (Seminars & Conference)
October 19th-21st, 2011
San Diego Westin, Emerald Plaza
Second Floor
400 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

ToorCon 14 San Diego (Training)
October 17th-18th, 2011
San Diego Westin, Emerald Plaza
Second Floor
400 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101


August 28th, 2012 - Call for papers released
September 14th, 2012 - First round of selection announced
September 28th, 2012 - Call for papers closes
October 5th, 2012 - Speaker & sponsor selection finalized
October 17th, 2012 - ToorCon training workshops start
October 19th, 2012 - ToorCon seminars & conference reception
October 20th, 2012 - ToorCon conference 50-minute talks
October 21st, 2012 - ToorCon conference 20-minute talks

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