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Into to Metasploit - Jeremy Druin

Into to Metasploit - Jeremy Druin
    This is the 5th in a line of classes Jeremy Druin will be giving on pen-testing and web app security featuring Mutillidae for the Kentuckiana ISSA. This one covers Metasploit.

Notes:Vulnerability Exploitation
 Metasploit Exploit Framework
  a. Framework
   i. Exploits
    • Sorted by OS and/or Software
   ii. Payloads
    • Singles
     o Communications and function entangled
    • Stagers
     o Load stage and handle communications
    • Stages (note: Inplement shell, upexec, vncinject, meterpreter, etc.)
     o meterpreter
     o shell
     o vnc
     o mssql_payload
     o psexec
   iii. Post Exploit Modules
   iv. Auxillary Modules
   v. Interfaces
    1. msfconsole
     1. search <type>:<value> <string>
     2. help
     3. use
     4. show <what to show>
      i. payloads
      ii. exploits
      iii. post
      iv. auxillary
      v. <more>
    2. Metasploit Community Edition

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Fonte: irongeek 

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