domingo, agosto 05, 2012

Pentoo 2012.0 Defcon Beta!

Changes made to Pentoo:

  1. New “pentoo” profiles which allow you to use hardened or not at your choice (who wants to be soft?)
  2. Full GPU cracking support for both cuda and opencl on both AMD/ATI and nVIDIA hardware including but not limited to pyrit, JohnTheRipper, oclhashcat-plus, oclhashcat-lite
  3. Shiny 3.4.2 kernel (hardened or not)
  4. Full support for the ubertooth hardware (also added to kismet and wireshark)
  5. New radio category for sdr hacking for things like the rtl-sdr and Ettus USRP devices.
  6. 64 bit version (32 bit is a low priority until after the beta starts, sorry if your hardware is that old/crappy)
Again, this is the short list of changes. The real changelog and planned features are mostly hiding in over 3000 commits in their SVN. Things which we can look forward to in the forthcoming releases are full ARM support and Openbts! But, as of now, we only have a 64-bit release! Should BackTrack watch out? Time will only tell.
[   ] pentoo-x86_64-2012.0..> 31-Jul-2012 05:18  1.4G  
[   ] pentoo-x86_64-2012.0..> 29-Jul-2012 23:19   18K  
[   ] pentoo-x86_64-2012.0..> 29-Jul-2012 23:19  1.1K   
enjoy! (: 

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