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Steganography: How to perform Digital Steganography

Steganography can be defined as the science and art of hiding information in such a way that no one suspects the existence of a message except sender and intended recipient. The advantage of stegnography is that it do not create suspicion in minds of other and this way no one realize that a communication is being done.

Types of steganography

1 Physical
2 Digital
3 Network
4 Printed
5 Text
In this post we are going to cover Digital Steganography also known as Modern steganography using Various popular tools
Tools to Perform Steganography

Image Steganography

Mozaiq.org – Mozaiq allows you to upload and hide a secret a message in the image that will be  almost undetectable and invisible to the naked eye. Mozaiq also allows you to add a password to image so that no one except the intended recipient will be able to the read hidden message. To read the message recipent will have to decrypt the message by using Mozaiq.org Decrypt tool on their website. Visit Mozaiq.org
Original Image
Encrypted Image having a message “Steganography”

An example of Image Steganography using Mozaiq.org

S- Tools – S-Tools is a steganography tool that allows you to hide files in BMP, GIF, and WAV(Audio) files. To hide files all you have to do is drag them over open sound/picture windows. You can hide multiple files in one sound/picture and S-Tools will compresse your data before encrypting the file.
Download S-Tools
QuickCrypto – QuickCrypto is Powerful Windows privacy and encryption software. Quiccrypto is a paid option but if want to have a really secure encryption then this tool will prove handy. It can Hide text messages or audio files (either can be encrypted first) within an image or sound file and only QuickCrypto users can access the information. Every one else will see the image as an ordinary picture or hear normal Audio.
Visit QuickCrypto

Audio Steganography

Mp3Stego – Mp3Stego hide information in MP3 files. MP3 stego first compress your data and then encrypt and hide it in MP3 stream.
Download Mp3stego at http://www.petitcolas.net/fabien/steganography/mp3stego/
Mp3stegz – Mp3stegz does the same work as Mp3stegz while maintaining the sound quality and Mp3 file size.
Download Mp3stegz at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp3stegz/

Video Steganography

MSU Stego Video – This tool allows you to hide any file in a video sequence and you can extract information after the video Compression.
Download MSU Stego at http://compression.ru/video/stego_video/index_en.html
Our secret - Our Secert allows you to hide almost every popular format including video. Our secret have easy to use interface and i don’t think there is a need  to explain what this tool do.
Download OurSecret at http://www.securekit.net/

Email Steganography

QuickCrypto – The tool mentioned above also allows you to send encrypted mails. It uses the most powerful techniques for your email communication, and passwords to ensure that your information is completely secure.
Visit Quickcrypto at http://www.quickcrypto.com/
Spam Mimic - Spam Mimic is a freeware steganography tool that allows you to hide short messages in a fake spam. Recipient can decode the spam after receiving the e-mail.
Visit Spam Mimic at http://www.spammimic.com/

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