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Security audit Tool's

Segue lista recomendada pela seclist, website com muitos conteudos relacionados a segurança da informação! (:

List Of Tools Used for Security Audit :
 1)  Port Scanners
   Nmap Network Security Scanner.
 ADMSmb Security Scanner For Samba and Lan.
 SmbScanner Scans For SMB.
 PortScanner TCP PostScanner.
 SATAN Vulnerability Scanner
 Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
 SAINT Vulnerability Scanner
 SARA Vulnerability Scanner
 COPS Unix Host Security Scanner
 Tiger Unix System Security Scanner
 Retina Windows Based vulnerabilty Scanner.
 GFI LANGuard Windows Network Scanner
 SuperScan A very Fast Windows Port Scanner.
 ISS Internet Security Scanner
 IPeye TCP Port Scanner with FIN, SYN, NULL, and X MUS Scan.
 VLAD Sans Top Ten Vulnerability Scanner.
 Gate Modular Linux Scanner

2)  Packet Generators
IpSend Generates TCP/IP Packets
UDP Probe Send and Receives UDP Packets
Arping Send ARP Pings and IP collution detection
LibNet Helps in Contructing and Handling Of Network Packets.
Nemesis Packet Injection Utility
3)  Sniffers and Related Tools
Tcpdump    Helps to Capture Network Packets
Sniffit    Packet Sniffer
Argus    Network Monitoring Tool.
Karpski    A Gtk based sniffer
Ethereal    Capture and Analyse Network Packets
GnuSniff    Multithreaded Sniffer.
Perro    Logs TCP, ICMP, UDP Packets
EtterCap    Packet Sniffer
Pdump    Advanced Perl Packet Sniffer.
WinSniffer    Console Based Sniffer For Windows.
Big Brother Network Monitor  System Monitor For Intranet and Internet Servers.
Ippl    Logs icmp, tcp, udp packets.
Aps    Console Based IP Sniffer.
WSA    IBM’s Wireless Security Auditor.
4)  Crypto And Secure Communication
GnuPGPretty Good Privacy.
NautilusSecure Voice Conversation
OpenSSLSecure Socket Layer.
PuttyWindows Port Of SSH
OpensshA Secure Alternative to Telnet.
CryptFFile Encryption using 3 DES or IDEA
CIPECrypted IP Encapsulation For VPN.
PPPTCPTunnel PPP over an Arbitrary Tcp Tunnel.
HTTP TunnelHttp Based Tunneling
PsstA Free Secure Shell Implementation.
CryptoNiteA Java Package for Strong Encryption.
5)   File Integrity Checker
TripwireKeeps Track of Altered files on a system.
NannieMonitors File Changes
ChkrootkitChecks for Rootkits
6)   Network Diagonistics
Hping2TCP Ping. Spoof Scanning.
IptrafLAN Statistic Utility
yapmPing Monitor.
NtopNetwork usage.
NetCatSwiss Army Knife
SamspadeNetwork Utilities
NBTScanGathers NetBIOS Information.
FirewalkAdvanced TraceRoute.
Xprobe2OS Fingeprinting Tool.
AmapApplication Scanner.
FpingParellel Ping Scaning
TCP TracerouteAdvanced Traceroute
DigDNS Query Utility. It is a part of BIND
Visual RouteVisual Trace Route. with Map.
RainStability Tester for hardware and Software.
NetDiagCollection Of Network Diagonistics Tools.
BtngEtherNet Monitor.
DOS TrackerDos Attack Tracker.
Traffic Vis.Visualises Amount On IP networks.
CalamarisSquid Proxy Log Analyser.
EARSSystem Monitor.
EpanProtocol Analyser.
Big SisterWeb host Monitoring Solution.
7) Firewalls and Routers
IPtablesNetfilter based Linux Firewall.
IPchainsNetfilter based Linux Firewall.
FirestarterGUI Front End for Iptables.
Zone AlarmWindows Firewall.
Tiny Personal Firewall.Windows Personal Firewall.
NetFilterCurrent Linux Kernel Firewall
SINUS FireWallPacket Filter For Linux.
ClickSoftware Based Router.
Linux RouterDisk less Linux Router.
Edge Router Project Basic Firewall.
8 )  Cgi Scanners
Whisker  Cgi Scripts Scanner.
Nikto  Cgi Scanner
N-Stealth  Web Scanner.
Achilles  Web Proxy Scanner
Spike Proxy  HTTP Hacking
9)  Password Crackers
John The RipperPassword Cracker
L0pth CrackPassword Cracker.
BrutusPassword Cracker.
HydraParellel Authentication Cracker.
MB HTTP Brute ForcerMunga Bunga HTTP Brute Force Cracker
Oracle Password CrackerGreat For retrieving Oracle DB Passwords.
IMAP Password CrackerIMAP Password brute force tool.
MySql Brute ForceMySql Hash Brute Forcer.
10) Intrusion Detection Systems
eXpert BSM IDSHost Based Intrusion Detection System.
SnortIntrustion Detection System.
SHADOWMother Of All Intrustion Detection Systems.
NidsbenchNetwork Intrusion Detection Test Suit.
LidsLinux Kernel Based Intrusion Detection.
SnareHost Based IDS.
Free Agents DIDSDistributed Intrusion Detection Systems.
FragrouteIDS’s Worst Nightmare.
11)  Proxy and Port Redirectors
Fpipe    Port Redirector,Bypass Firewalls.
Redir    TCP Port Redirector.
Uredir   UDP Port Redirector.
WebFilter   Content Filter.
Squid   PowerFul Proxy.
Tiny Proxy   Small Proxy Server.
Tirc Proxy   Proxy Server For IRC.
Bnc    Irc Bouncing Tool.
Stunnel    SSL CryptoGraphic Wrapper.
12)  Miscellaneous
E-Security Audit Tool kit Collection Of items and Checklists for Auditing.
TOD   (Touch Of Death)Connection Killer.
Sm StartStart Sendmail WithOut Root Priviliges.
TCP ServerA Small and Simple TCP server.
BastilleHardening Script for *Nix Based

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