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VIM - por que Bloco de Notas é para fracos!

Bom dia Senhores e Senhoras! :p 

Just Vim It!
Just Vim it!
Vim animated click
Just Vim it! (animated)
Vim animated powered
Just Vim it! click here (animated)

I love my editor (animated)

a tiny "vi powered" button

Vi Improved

created with vim

created with vim

created with Vim, in English or French

designed with vim

Vim the editor in 88 x 31

edited with Vim

edited with Vim, on fire

Vi Improved, on the ex line

HTML by Vim

Vim powered

Vim powered

Vim powered

Vim powered
Linux Journal 2005 Readers' Choice

The Books

Steve Oualline wrote the first book completely dedicated to Vim. It's written for Vim 5.7, but it is still a useful introduction to any modern version of Vim. The book is also available as a PDF (converted from a HTML version that is no longer available). 
There are four more books about Vim. More information on this page. If you buy a copy through here this helps us help theUgandan orphans
And now, for something completely different: Vim books in Japanese! Vim完全バイブル and vim Ge-Packt 
There is also a wiki book: A Byte Of Vim. You can download it as PDF or read it online. And you can edit it. Or get the on-demand printed version.

Recent Script Updates (browse all | search)
[2012-04-16] HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise.
(2.1) Better syntax highlighting for folds (both term & gui and both for dark and light backgrounds). Added "sync minlines/maxlines" settings to be changed for slow computers. - Geir Isene
[2012-04-15] Vitality : Make Vim play nicely with iTerm 2 and tmux.
(1.1.0) * Handle focus events in command line mode (thanks aaronjensen). * Make features configurable (thanks dmedvinsky). - Steve Losh
[2012-04-15] WebAPI.vim : vimscript for gist
(0.1) Initial upload - Yasuhiro Matsumoto
[2012-04-15] Gist.vim : vimscript for gist
(6.5) This is an upgrade for Gist.vim: use webapi namespace. NOTE: please upgrade webapi-vim also. - Yasuhiro Matsumoto
[2012-04-15] SonicTemplate.vim : Easy and high speed coding method
(0.09) This is an upgrade for SonicTemplate.vim: [fixed] be able to override default template. - Yasuhiro Matsumoto
[2012-04-15] UltraBlog : Ultimate Vim blogging plugin
(3.3.0) Notice:  This plugin is now published as a zip package, for vimball cannot handling binary files. Feature: Add i18n support ! Feature: Add a new option ub_hotkey_save_current_item, users can define their own hotkey for :UBSave. Feature: Add a new option ub_socket_timeout, users can customize the timeout period in seconds, useful for slow networks. Bugfix: Exception raised when one event is processed by more than one event handlers. Change: Echoing messages now uses the command :echoerr instead of python's sys.stderr, because Vim crashes on this due to an upgrade recently. Change: Change commands :UBSave, :UBSend, :UBUpload, :UBConv, :UBPreview to be available only in their effective views. Change: Lists are set nowrapped. Bugfix: Stop complaining '_pop from empty list_' while doing almost everything. - lenin lee
[2012-04-15] clean_imports : Makes use of the Java checkstyle tool to clean your Java file of unused imports
(0.1) Initial upload - Paul Bourke
[2012-04-15] SingleCompile : Make it more convenient to compile or run a single source file.
(2.10.3) Do some code cleanup. Release the final version of 2.10.x. - H Xu
[2012-04-14] DeleteTrailingWhitespace : Delete unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
(1.02) FIX: Avoid polluting search history.FIX: Avoid polluting search history. - Ingo Karkat
[2012-04-14] mru.vim : Plugin to manage Most Recently Used (MRU) files
(3.4) Separate the file name and the path in the MRU window. Added support for always opening selected files in a tab (MRU_Open_File_Use_Tabs option). Added support for opening the MRU window even for single files (MRU_Window_Open_Always option). Added new mapping for opening files in a vertically split window from the MRU widow (key O). - Yegappan Lakshmanan

Biosfera VIM! :D 


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