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Operator = Opera+Tor

Operator - Yet Another Portable Opera

Operator YAPO is a new incarnation of an award-winning portable Opera package. You can run Operator on any computer you want (company, library, your friend's computer) and without administration privileges as long as it's a Windows PC. Plus, unless you choose otherwise, no data will be stored at the host computer.

Changes in the current release

This initial release includes Opera 10.52. Operator YAPO does not support Tor!
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Download Operator YAPO 1.0

Operator weights 10 MB and is Windows only. After the download is finished just extract the archive to the location of your choice and launch the Operator.exe file to start Opera in portable mode.
Please do not link directly to the files. Link to this page instead.

Troubleshooting and bugs

If you seek support or want to report a bug, please use the Troubleshooting forum. Do not post your bug reports on the current page as they will be removed.

Looking for the old OperaTor? Here is an archive page. Please keep in mind it's not maintained anymore.

Mas se mesmo assim você não entendeu, baixe a aplicação e execute-o,em seguinda entre no seguinte link: ;-) Forte abraço []'s 

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