domingo, novembro 09, 2008

a manual for biochemistry protocols

Biochemistry plays an important role in all areas of the biological and medical sciences. With most of the research or diagnosis involved in these areas being based on biochemically obtained observations, it is essential to have a profile of well standardized protocols.

This manual is a basic guide for all students, researchers and experts in biochemistry, designed to help readers in directly starting off their experiments without prior knowledge of the protocol. The book dwells on the concepts used in designing the methodologies, thereby giving ample room for researchers to modify them according to their research requirements.


  • Protein Purification
  • Protein Analysis
  • Lipid Analysis
  • Mammalian Cell Culture
  • Microscopy
  • Assays
  • Autoradiography

Readership: Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in biochemistry as well as experienced researchers especially in method development.


Creditos: Dr O.liverkall (:

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