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COnsensus-DEgenerate Hybrid Oligonucleotide Primers

um ótimo site para desenho de sequencia multipla de aligment’s

pra você que busca praticidade este link é maravilhoso confira!

PCR primers designed from protein multiple sequence alignments

  • Getting started
  • Full Help file
  • The CODEHOP algorithm
  • The CODEHOP manuscript
  • Genes identified using CODEHOP
  • The input should be a set of local multiple alignments (blocks) of a group of related protein sequences. The alignments must be in Blocks Database format, such as in Block Maker
  • output.

  • Ungapped parts of Clustal- or FASTA-formatted global multiple alignments can be automatically turned into blocks by the Blocks multiple alignment processor. You can also manually reformat multiple sequence alignments with the Blocks formatter.
  • The output of all these programs contains links that send the resulting blocks to this page.
  • If your sequences align globally, you will get better multiple alignment results from Clustal than from the motif finders used by Block Maker.
  • Blocks are processed using sequence weights (the numbers following each sequence segment). To emphasize particular sequences in the block(s) manually adjust the sequence weights. Increase the number to give a sequence more weight.

pra quem quiser a pagina traduzida paa melhor entendimento clique aqui! ;)


Creditos: Dr O.liverkall (:

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